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30 Days, 30 Ways! Day 6: The Bronze Age

Themes for the Day: a few of my favorite things, dressing for your body type, and it's OK to wear things backwards!

We all have that one piece. We've may have had it forever, it may be brand new, but we'll never part with it.

Mine is this ancient jacket/top in bronze inspired by one of my all time favorite designers, Mariano Fortuny. For my friend D'vorah, it would be the black & red reversible jacket in crinkled silk that she bought at the Barnes Foundation Museum Gift shop earlier this Spring. We may not wear these treasured pieces often, but every now and then, the right occasion pops up.

I was hosting my Toastmaster Club's Holiday party in my home this afternoon. I wanted to wear something they never saw me in, that had a little spark for the Holiday, but was not the least bit fussy... we were meeting at noon, after all.

Another favorite thing I hardly have the opportunity to wear is this hand beaded necklace made for me by my talented friend Marsha Ray. The Teal & Bronze beads are perfect with the jacket, but a v-neck wouldn't give it the attention it deserves so I just just put KOKOON's Farrah Wrap Dress on backwards and tied it like I normally would.

As far as the Llynda More Boots, I could not resist the Bronze Beauty BootTop. I know one of the many appeals of these unstoppable boots are all the different ways you can wear them, BUT what can be more fabulous than a knee high boot in bronze. I tried wearing it several different ways today, but, in the end, opted for the elegant simplicity of the full height.

Yesterday, I talked about wearing colors that make you shine. Today, I'll briefly touch on the importance of dressing for your body type. After these 30 Days, I'll have a series in which I'll feature a handful of different women of all body types. Obliviously, in this current blog, I'm dressing myself and combing thru my closet..

In the body type charts with shapes, I would be classified as a Column. If you were looking at ones that compare women to fruit, I'd be a banana. Since I'm not too thrilled about being referred to as either, I would describe myself as a tallish woman with a boyish figure.

I don't have much of a waist to speak of, so I tend to look best in flowing clothing that help create the illusion of curves. Due to my height I can pull off more fabric than most.

For those of you with an actual waistline or more voluptuous curves, I would add a belt.

If you're more petite, ditch the "skirt" and wear leggings.

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