My Faux Fur Cuffs can be worn either way; with the cuffs or the stretch velvet at your wrists. They can extend your sleeve or wear them with a sleeveless top for more drama!


These are being discontinued. I made these for the first time last year when I had my little shop inside the Women of Willow Grove Store at the Willow Grove Mall.

I sold them well at the store for $45, but for the effort of stitching stretch velvet to faux fur, I decided to quit while I was ahead. So once these are gone, that is it!



Faux Fur Cuffs in Champagne Crushed Velvet & Tri Colored Faux Fur

$45.00 Regular Price
$25.00Sale Price
  • Rayon Stretch Velvet with Faux Fur

    One size fits most.

    The velvet is  "sleeve" 14" long with a stretchable 8" circumference.

    The faux fur cuff is 4" wide with a 12" circumference.


It's been said....

“There's more to clothing than just adornment.

It does more than merely change

how the world perceives us.

It changes how we perceive ourselves.”

― Jacqueline Carey, Naamah's Kiss

​"One should either be a work of art,

or wear a work of art"

― Oscar Wilde

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