• Denise Shardlow

Me in action

One of the several coats that I made using these buttons.

I have lots of options, but this seems to be the button of choice.

I'm knee deep in production this week, so this is going to be a quick Fashion Friday.

Here's two videos I did this week showing me in action.

Have a great weekend and see you next Fashion Friday.

And as always, feel free to share and comment below.


PS: Why does Youtube always freeze the frame on the least flattering frame.

Me in action. I'm dangerous with a power drill.

Showing the interesting hardware the buttons initially came with.


It's been said....

“There's more to clothing than just adornment.

It does more than merely change

how the world perceives us.

It changes how we perceive ourselves.”

― Jacqueline Carey, Naamah's Kiss

​"One should either be a work of art,

or wear a work of art"

― Oscar Wilde

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